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Vehicle Storage: everything you need to know

Vehicles come in many forms and uses. We may have a regular car for work, an antique car for the leisurely ride on the weekends, or a specialty truck for the camping trips. Besides the vehicles for residential use, we also have recreational vehicles, as well as business vehicles when performing service calls for clients. When owning more than one car, truck, van, you want to have a secure location that keeps the vehicle safe from vandals and perhaps also from climatic weather.


Vehicle storage facilities offers a location to store all types of on-road, off-road, and water vehicles. These facilities allow you to decide on the type of storage arrangements that fits into your preferences, whether temporary storage or for a longer amount of time when storing items for the season. Contact us today so we can help you find the best storage solution near you.


Benefits of a Self Storage Facility for Vehicles

A top reason why a person or business owner turns selects a self-storage unit for their car, truck, or van is due to not having a dedicated parking space for extra vehicles. They may not have a garage space or parking lot. This issue may lead to them parking the vehicles in locations farther away from their home or business. Being unable to keep an eye on the vehicle may cause undue stress while also inviting vandals or thieves to break inside.


Another reason to use these storage solutions is to avoid costly parking tickets. If there is only street parking available for your extra vehicles, you may be restricted on how long the vehicle can occupy the space if there are any parking or loading restrictions. Also, you may accumulate parking tickets if failing to move the vehicle during street cleaning days.


For owners of boats and motorcycles, keeping these vehicles covered prevents damage to seats and equipment components. Covering these types of vehicles with a tarp can protect them from some rain and snowy weather, yet unfortunately traps in heat on those hot and sunny days. This heat can cause aging and excessive wear to parts due to lack of air circulation. Extreme frigid temperatures also can cause significant damage to components. A self-storage facility may offer an enclosed unit or covered parking unit tailored for vehicle storage.


Vehicles Suitable for Self Storage

The types of vehicles that may go into storage may depend on the capabilities of the facility. They may specialize in enclosed units only large enough to accommodate car storage or may have large, covered units appropriate for storing RVs. Types of vehicles that may be accommodated include:


Residential Vehicles

You may lack a place to store extra vehicles, or even live in a community that requires vehicles to be parked within a garage or driveway. Other times, you may have a very expensive vehicle that requires enclosed storage options at a secure location. Whether you're storing a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or van, a self storage unit provides a convenient location for your vehicles while also offering added security and peace of mind to homeowners.


A storage unit is also an ideal solution for vehicles that are undergoing repairs and need to be kept in a fully enclosed or partially enclosed location. With the vehicle in storage, you don't have to worry about getting it towed when needing to move it off the street for street cleaning or getting a parking ticket.


Commercial Vehicles

Commercial business locations may require vehicles to perform deliveries, provide services for clients, or meet clients at specific locations. However, the business may not have available parking at the building to accommodate all of their vehicles. They may have to rely on street parking, which could increase the business owner's chance of being cited by parking authority. Storage facilities allow for companies to store vehicles not currently in service in a centralized location. They may obtain their vehicles when necessary for specific operations.


Recreational Vehicles

Many vehicles are used for recreation, such as small boats, jet skis, RVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles. These vehicles may be used during a specific season and then have to have a dedicated parking space for the rest of the year. Obtaining a storage unit can provide protection for these vehicles until you are ready to use them. Depending on the sizes of the storage units, smaller vehicles such as ATVs and jet skis don't have to take up a lot of space. You may decide to get a smaller storage unit just for the recreational vehicle, or a larger one to fit other possessions inside.


When it comes to boat and RV storage, consider the length and width of the vehicle or the trailer that the boat will be locked on. Some RVs and boats are very wide and long, as you may need a facility that specializes in RV storage or boat storage. They may have open units, covered units, or enclosed units for your specific needs.


Hauler Trailers

A hauler trailer may consist of a simple carry-on trailer, enclosed trailer for livestock, or even a deck trailer with attached ramps. These trailers may haul cars, home possessions, construction material, landscaping equipment, or even animals. They are typically towed behind a car or truck. Both business owners and homeowners may use these trailers for a variety of purposes. Finding a location to place the trailer when not in use may be a difficult task. A storage facility that offers trailer storage can accommodate different sizes of trailers. All you have to do is simply drive up to the storage unit and unhitch the trailer. If the trailer holds a boat, jet ski, RTV, snowmobile, or other items, those possessions can stay attached to the trailer and be stored at the same time.


What to Consider When Getting a Storage Unit

Before reserving a storage unit, there are several steps that you can take to ensure you get the right size for the lowest price. Answering the following questions to make the rental task easier.


What are the dimensions of the vehicle?

Understanding the exact dimensions is important depending on the amount of space that will be available for the storage unit. Open field storage facilities can accommodate larger vehicles, such as motorhomes and wide boats on trailers. However, when it comes to covered, partially enclosed and fully enclosed storage units, there may be a restriction to the size of vehicle that can be stored at the facility. You want to measure the length, width, and height of vehicles to ensure they will fit easily into the storage space.


Will you be storing other items in the unit?

Once you understand the dimensions of the vehicle, you can now decide whether you will be storing other possessions in the same storage unit. You may decide to obtain motorcycle storage while also storing in outdoor equipment such as kayaks in the same unit.  Once you have a general idea about what all will go into storage, you can pick one that has the right dimensions.


Will you need a covered, enclosed, or open storage unit?

Storage facilities across the country may offer one or more possible storage unit types for vehicles. To decide on which unit to select, consider the age and condition of the vehicle as well as how long you plan to have it in storage. While most vehicles are designed to handle harsh weather, older vehicles are prone to wear faster. If you only need the storage unit for a few days to a few weeks, then an open or partially covered unit may be an economical option. If you plan to have the vehicle stored for several months, such as watercraft, RVs, a second car, or a motorcycle that you drive for leisure, then opting for a unit that is more covered or enclosed can help protect it more from the outdoor elements.


What condition is the vehicle?

While many storage units accommodate operating vehicles in good condition, you may need storage for a vehicle that requires extra care. You may be working on a vehicle that may be missing a windshield, hood, door, or other feature that would protect it from the outdoor weather. In these circumstances, the vehicle may be on a trailer as you will want to store it in a more enclosed environment for greater protection.


In other circumstances, you may own a vehicle that is very expensive as you want to prevent it from being damaged by other vehicles or the weather. Antique cars, vintage trucks, or limited edition models may obtain a wealth of benefits when placed in a storage facility. With 24/7 security measures, it gives you some added comfort that the vehicle can find protection from the elements and potential thieves. You may also want to store expensive vehicles that aren't in use often from the occasional scratch or dent that could occur from passing vehicles on the street or when kids are playing in the yard.


Storage Vehicle Solutions for Residents and Businesses

Many storage facilities across the country may offer storage solutions for vehicle owners. It may not be immediately obvious when driving by the facility, as the company doesn't want to attract thieves or criminals to their operations. Once understanding your storage needs, reach out to our company. We can help you locate available storage facility across the country in popular cities. Simple type in your zip code, and we provide you with a list of places where you may be able to store your vehicle. Then you can contact the facility to find out their terms and conditions without any commitment or obligation.