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During the off-season, you need a safe place to store your motorcycle. Keeping it in your garage takes up space for items that you have other uses for, yet you also want the motorcycle to be accessible when you want to ride it. A self-storage facility might have the right option. Use our online search feature to find a storage facility that will help you safely store your motorcycle away, so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to ride.


With drive up units available at many storage facilities, you can store your motorcycle out of the elements and in a safe, secure location, all while knowing it is accessible when you want to take a ride. This will keep your bike out of the way of hail, wind, and thunderstorms, while also protecting it from theft and vandalism. Here’s a guide to help you find and secure the right motorcycle storage options.


Finding the Right Storage for a Motorcycle

How can you find the right storage facilities for motorcycles? Our online search makes it easy to explore your options, but you still need to know a little about what you need and want in a storage unit. Here are some of the features to look for.


1. Choose the Right Size Storage Unit

Most motorcycles can fit into a storage unit that is at least 10 feet deep. That means even a 5 x 10 unit would be large enough to store your motorcycle and some additional belongings as well. Keep in mind that you do need a drive up unit in order to store any type of vehicle, including a motorcycle. Also, if you plan to work on your bike while it’s in storage, make sure the unit is large enough to give you room to work and store your tools.


2. Choose the Right Covering

Vehicle storage, including storage for motorcycles, can be either enclosed or outdoors. If you choose outdoor storage, consider a covered unit rather than an open parking lot. You don’t want your motorcycle at risk for hail damage or fading paint from long-term sun exposure. If you choose an enclosed unit, consider whether or not you want climate control. While climate control is not required for motorcycles, it can help prevent damage from excessive heat or cold, if those are problems in your area.


3. Choose the Right Security

One of the reasons you’re storing your motorcycle is to keep it safe. Make sure the unit you choose is a secure unit. Video camera security, individualized access codes, and security alarms are all helpful to protect items stored inside a facility. Don’t forget to check how well-lit the facility is. Lighting deters thieves, so you want a brightly lit facility.


4. Choose the Right Location

Finally, choose a location that’s safe and convenient. You’ll be spending a lot of time riding to and from your storage facility during the season when you’re riding your bike a lot. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the neighborhood. A safe neighborhood also helps protect your bike from theft, which is also important. If you aren't familiar with a particular neighborhood, take a few drives around to scope it out. When storing something as valuable as a motorcycle, it may be better to pay a little more to get a safer location.


Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage

If you are going to store your motorcycle, there are some steps to take to prepare it, so you will have it ready to go when you’re ready to ride again.


First, before storing it, take it for a ride. Run the engine for at least 30 minutes to get the temperature up.


Next, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. This will help keep the fuel from going bad during storage. Fill the tank with fuel before storing it.


If it’s time, do an oil change while the engine’s hot. This will give you clean oil when you start back up at the start of the season.


Wash and wax the bike to protect the paint, and then lube the chain. Now you are ready to store it for a while. Check the tire pressure, and then disconnect the battery, placing it on a low-voltage charger. Finally, cover the motorcycle to protect it even further from dust and moisture. Use a motorcycle cover, not a sheet or tarp, as these are designed to let moisture out while keeping dust at bay.


Preparing for Your First Ride

After your motorcycle has been in storage for a while, you’ll want to take some steps to get it ready to ride again. First, change the oil, then reconnect the battery, checking for signs of corrosion. Check the coolant, clutch, and brake. If any fluids are low, top them off. Inspect everything and check the tire pressure. Turn on the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to ensure the engine’s working properly. Take it on a short ride around the block to make sure it’s in good, working order before you take off on the open road.


Find Flexible, Affordable Storage for Motorcycles

Most storage units that store motorcycles are known for their flexibility. They have flexible fees and contracts that help you enjoy the benefits of storage without stress. When booking a storage facility, be sure to ask about the terms of the contract to ensure it is flexible.


Use our online search to find motorcycle self-storage facility options near you. You can compare offerings and prices from the comfort of your home, and book your chosen storage unit conveniently. This saves you time and energy because all you have to do is drive in and store your bike. Start searching for motorcycle self-storage unit options today to find something that will fit your needs well, and book it conveniently online with our help.