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Protect your property with climate-controlled storage units


When you are in the market for a self-storage unit, you will have a number of amenities to consider. One of those is climate controlled storage. If you are storing items that could get damaged by heat or cold, then climate control is an amenity you will want.


Climate controlled units offer the same security that you would get from other storage units, with the addition of offering a heated and cooled space. The addition of climate control protects items from extreme temperatures, and it also protects them from extremely dry or humid conditions. Many delicate items benefit from this type of storage, and you can use our service to help you find one near you.


What Is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate control in the self-storage world means you can store your items in an environment where the temperature and humidity levels are always stable. This protects them from damage because of your area’s climate. Whether you are concerned about something freezing or have candles that need to avoid melting, climate control is the solution.


Because of this additional feature, climate controlled units can cost a little more than standard self-storage. However, the additional cost is worthwhile if you are hoping to protect your items from damage. By paying a little bit more each month, you can provide a layer of protection for your items.


In order to offer climate control, these units often sit inside a building, rather than having outdoor access. This can add to their popularity, because interior access adds a layer of security. Not only does climate control give you protection from the weather and temperatures, but it also adds additional safety form intruders and other risks.


Most people will choose a traditional storage unit size when purchasing climate controlled self storage, but sometimes they will opt for mini storage. Mini storage with climate control is ideal for collections or a few high-value items that need this protection, but when you do not need to store a large number of items under the safety of climate control.


What Are the Benefits of a Climate Controlled Unit?

If you need a place to stash your stuff, chances are you care about that stuff and want it well taken care of. This is what climate control gives you. You can have a convenient storage location that is protected from the elements as well as heat and cold. This is safer than your attic or garage, which may not be climate-controlled. You also have the benefit of a storage location that is secure from theft, because storage companies have cameras and staff that keep your stuff as secure as possible. You have less worry about pests as well because pest-control measures are a perk of this storage choice.


With climate controlled self storage, you can store your items as long as you need to while having access to them when you want. We can help you find a climate-controlled facility near you to help you protect and care for your items.


What Types of Items Can Benefit from Climate Control?

As you consider the right storage companies for your needs, one factor to consider is what type of item you are storing. While there are many items that benefit from climate control, some of the most common include:

  • Items containing liquids
  • Flammable items
  • Candles
  • Wood items
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • Art supplies
  • Plastics
  • Electronics

If the item is prone to humidity damage, such as would be the case with wooden items, damage from high temperatures, like candles that could melt, or damage from freezing, then you need to consider climate control as part of your storage choices.


Who Can Benefit from Climate Control as a Storage Choice?

The perks of climate control are far-reaching. Anyone, from a family storing extra belongings while preparing for a move to a business that needs to rent a storage unit to protect their sensitive documents and electronic equipment, can benefit from the addition of climate control. This is a common choice for college students who are storing belongings temporarily while they are in transition from one home to another and want to keep their belongings safe.


Another group that benefits from this type of storage is collectors. Collectible items are often fragile and prone to damage from heat and humidity. Storing them safely with climate control in a secure, inside storage unit is helpful protection. Those valuable, treasured items need as much protection as possible, making the additional cost of climate control a worthwhile investment.


Demand for Climate Control in Storage

Because people want true protection for their belongings, climate control is an in-demand feature with storage facilities. If you need this protection, you will want to reserve your unit soon, because these tend to book quickly. Many storage companies have just a few units that have climate control, and those get reserved soon after they have openings, so you will want to keep your eyes open for options near you. We make it easier with our storage search options that give you immediate information, so you can make informed choices about storage in your area.


Other Storage Options to Protect Your Belongings

While climate control is important, there are additional features of storage unit facilities that are worth considering as you search for the right company. Some additional protection you might want include:

  • Security Surveillance – Look for this feature in a secured storage unit if you are concerned about theft of your items.
  • Indoor Access – Indoor storage facilities provide a greater measure of protection because they have secure access to the building as well as the individual units.
  • Multiple Sizes – Storage is not a one-size-fits-all option. Look for a facility that has multiple sizes of units, so you can control your costs as you look to store your stuff.
  • Accessibility – Some storage companies have set hours, while others have their units available to tenants 24/7. You need to decide what type of accessibility you want and choose accordingly.
  • Staffing – Are you looking for a facility that has staff on-site at all times to help protect your items, or is digital locks and access acceptable in your mind? This is a personal choice, but worth considering.
  • Price – You shouldn’t make your decision about storage based on price alone, but the price is definitely a factor that will play into your decision. If all other factors are equal, you can choose based on the one that fits your budget best.


Is Climate Control Right for Your Self-Storage Needs?

You have many options when it comes to storing your items. For many people, the perks of climate control are beneficial but not everyone needs this option. Is it right for you?


First, ask yourself how valuable your items are. If something gets damaged due to temperature or humidity, would you be missing it terribly or suffer a significant financial loss? If the items are particularly valuable, then the extra cost for climate control is worth taking on. Priceless and irreplaceable family heirlooms, even if they are not particularly high in value, can also fall into this category.


Second, ask yourself what the weather-related risks are in your area. Do you have temperature extremes in either the winter or summer? If temperatures dip below freezing or rise above 90 degrees regularly, then you do. Is high humidity or extremely dry air a problem? Are pests a concern? If you have climate-related risks, then you need to ensure that your storage unit is protecting your items from those risks.


How to Find the Right Storage Options

Whether you are searching for climate control or something else, finding the right storage unit can be a challenge. We are here to help. We have streamlined the search, so you can compare self-storage near you in one convenient location, comparing features and prices easily on one screen. This will help you find the solution to your storage need as easily as possible. We can also help you with the contract and contact process, so you can have your storage ready to go when you need it.


When searching for storage, take the time to compare size, price, terms, and security features. If climate control is important to you, then make sure that is a feature offered. Consider accessibility should you need to access your items at odd times, and make sure the facility has strong security protocols in place. By considering all of these factors, you will be able to find a storage unit that fits your needs.


Sometimes you need storage in a hurry. If you are facing a time crunch, we can help you reserve your unit quickly. You can have a storage unit in your name in just minutes, so you can move your stuff in as soon as you are ready. Start browsing today, and let us help you find a storage option that will help you keep your belongings safe.