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Company operations are complicated. Many businesses may operate a front room to provide guests with products and services as well as a back room for inventory and administrative offices. You may have a location dedicated for dealing with customers but not have the space to hold inventory and administrative work. You may also experience business growth so rapidly that your existing company location simply isn't big enough to hold important assets such as extra office supplies, inventory, administrative documents, and even business vehicles.


Business self storage units provide an easy and economical way to have the extra storage space on demand. You may select the storage unit that best fits your present and future needs as this solution can scale with your growing business.


Types of Storage for Business Operations

Mini Storage

Also known as locker storage, these units are typically smaller than a 5x5 space and do not allow a person to walk into them. These storage units are ideal for smaller business items, such as accounting records, backup digital media devices, and service tools. A medical facility may also use these units for physical medical records storage if the facility is HIPAA compliant.


Standard Storage Spaces

Standard units come in various sizes depending on the facility -- from 5x5 up to 10x15. These storage units may hold more items, such as business equipment, office supplies, and inventory. These units provide versatility and functionality to businesses as the storage facility provides 24/7 monitoring and a range of access options. In addition, if you are worried about items that are temperature sensitive, the facility may offer climate controlled units so you can maintain the appropriate temperature year round.


Large Storage Options

Large storage options may be ideal for companies of all sizes. These storage sizes may range from 10x20 and 10x30 units. A small ecommerce business out of the home may store their entire inventory in the facility. When an order comes in, you may fill and package the order at the self-storage location before dropping it off at a delivery service company. Medium and larger companies may use these facilities to store extra office equipment, office furniture, administrative files, tools, and excess inventory. These units may also accommodate extra business vehicles.


Benefits of Self Storage

Many self storage facilities are located near major business districts, business parks, and office buildings. So you can access the storage facility whenever it is most convenient. There are also facilities that will accept packages and pallets of goods. Depending on the storage agreement, facility workers may place the packages into your specific storage unit. Also, they may have packages kept in a holding area so that your business representative can place the items into the inventory storage unit.


There are also self-storage facilities that provide delivery services to and from a business. So if you have items that need to be taken out of a unit, the facility workers will remove the business equipment and supplies to then delivery them directly at your office doors.


Besides the convenience of package acceptance and item deliveries, self storage solutions provide economic advantages. You only pay for the amount of space that you need to use. So you can get a storage unit that is currently the perfect size of scale up or down when your storage needs change. The facility offers competitive pricing and storage agreements that more align to your business operations.


Another advantage to using these self-storage facilities is that you gain access to the latest technologies. Many businesses require document and equipment storage that is climate controlled to help lessen damage to their items. A facility offers climate-controlled units for your specific requirements along with several measures including 24/7 monitoring and a facility manager on hand at all hours. Some facilities may also offer additional security measures such as keyless entry, gating systems, and security fencing.


Applications for Business Storage

Various industries may benefit from self storage solutions such as retail, warehousing, e-commerce, consultation, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, and accounting. There are numerous applications where using a self storage unit is the right investment for your business operations. Some common applications may include the following:


Office or Plant Renovations

Office or facility renovations may require equipment and office supplies to be stored elsewhere. Placing the items into onsite storage isn't feasible and a temporary portable storage would get in the way of the construction crews. Offsite storage at a facility holds the equipment in a safe and secure location until the completion of the renovation project.


Relocating Office Locations

Whether moving to another location down the road, across the city or the other side of the country, having a place to temporarily store business assets allows you to make finally moving arrangements without paying an extra month's lease payment at the previous office building or storefront. You may find cost savings and keep the items stored based on your relocation deadlines.


Ecommerce Storage

A small ecommerce business may not have the storage to hold products to fill orders. Instead of having the inventory shipped to the home address, the products are shipped to the self-storage company. When an order comes in, you perform all the labeling and packaging at the facility and then ship it out. This set up provides a safe place for products away from curious kids and pets as you don't have to use up all your extra home spaces.


Warehouse Excess Storage

Inventory turnover allows for your warehouse to constantly move stock by filling orders. However, certain times of the year may have increased sales orders as you don't have the extra warehouse shelves to store the necessary excess products. Using medium to large storage units allows you to plan ahead for the customer demand during certain sales periods throughout the year.


Data Backup Storage

While companies are transferring important business and customer data to the cloud and other online storage solutions, the threat of hackers and ransomware may be a significant issue. You may use a self storage units to hold printed documents, records, and portable backup data storage devices. If there is any type of business disruption, your documents and data will be located offsite at a safe location.