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Student Storage - Stash Your Stuff Safely in the Summer


College students often have times when they need to store their stuff. Whether they are going home for the summer and need to store their items until the fall or they are heading off to school and need to get some items out of mom and dad’s house while they are gone, self storage is a good choice. If you are in the market for a storage option that will help you with your college storage needs, you can easily find one here.


Get Ready for Summer Vacation with Storage

As a semester rolls to an end and summer vacation looms, the last thing on the mind of most college students is their dorm room. Yet before you can leave campus, you must clean up your space. Do you really want to lug all of your stuff home again at the end of the term? No, you don’t. Not only do you lack space in your car, but shipping that stuff is costly. However, when school starts up again you will need it, and this is where storage helps.


Storage facilities located close to campus are a convenient option for your storage needs. You can simply move your items out of your current dorm, store them for the summer, then move them into your new room when the semester starts back up. This is more affordable than shipping them and takes less time than packing the car. You can move your things a little bit at a time, knowing they will safely wait for your return in the fall.


Reduce Stress on Your Parents with Storage for Students

Of course, you may be thinking that you don’t’ need storage because your parents are coming to pick you up. Yet this doesn’t eliminate the need to deal with all of that stuff. Your parents don’t want to have the hassle of needing to rent a truck or trailer to haul your stuff home, only to turn right back around and repeat the process in three months.


Save your parents the headache by putting those things you don’t need for the summer in storage. This will be cheaper, and it will make your parents’ lives much easier.


Protect Your Stuff with Climate Controlled Units

As you consider your options for storage, one option is to consider a climate-controlled unit. These units have HVAC systems and are typically inside a closed building. They control the temperature and humidity inside, so your items are protected from the elements.


If you have items, like electronics, that might get damaged by hot weather or moisture, this is the option you want. Climate-controlled units tend to cost more, but you might be able to land a discount if you take an upper-floor unit. Since you are young and healthy, this is a great way to enjoy the perks of climate control storage while saving money at the same time.


There are many times when climate control makes sense. For example, you might need this if you store your musical instruments or art supplies for the summer. These items get easily damaged in heat and humidity, so climate control is vital to protecting them. Before choosing your storage unit, carefully consider all of the items it will need to hold, and choose an appropriate unit type.


For Larger Items, Consider Drive-Up Student Storage

Each college student’s needs are different. While some don’t have much that they bring with them to the dorm room, others bring an entire bedroom’s worth of furniture. If you will be storing larger items for the summer, you might want to look at drive up units.


Drive-up self storage units have large doors that you can drive your car or truck in front of to easily unload your belongings. This makes storing and retrieving your furniture easy. While this is not something most college students need, you might find that it benefits you if you are storing larger items.


Tips to Save Money on Storage

Of course, most college students have a tight budget, so how can you save money on your storage needs? Here are some tips.


First, skip the amenities you don’t need. Every feature you add to your storage unit will increase its costs. If you don’t need climate control or drive-up access, then don’t pay extra for it. If you do, then find other amenities, like 24 hour access, that you can eliminate to save some money.


When booking your storage, don’t forget to ask about student discounts. There may be discounts specifically for you because you are in college. Storage companies need predictable tenants, and they can count on you to need their services every summer, and they just might extend a discount to land your business. You will likely need to show your student ID, but you can save money.


Finally, consider booking the smallest unit possible. If you are careful and are just moving a dorm’s worth of stuff, you should be able to fit it in a 5x5 unit. If you have an apartment, you may need a 10x10 unit.


Carefully measure your belongings and choose a unit that will fit them. Do not pay for more floor space than you need. If you aren’t sure how much space you need, use online calculators to help, or call the storage facility to see if they can advise you. Consider purging some of your stuff before you store it, so you aren’t paying for room to store items you’ll never use again. This can also free you from the hassle of moving unnecessary items to the storage facility and then back to campus in the fall. Donate these items to charity before you store your stuff.


Location, Location, Location

For storage, location matters. However, before you jump on the storage unit closest to campus, consider other factors about the location.


For instance, one of your primary focuses when choosing storage is the safety of your belongings. If the unit closest to campus is in a dangerous neighborhood, then it’s not a good choice. Instead, drive a few extra miles to get to one that’s in a safer location.


Your own personal safety is important, too. Storage often means several trips to the facility, and you don’t want to be putting yourself in danger when you make these trips.


If you don’t’ know the area around your campus well, take a drive. You should be able to get a vibe for the safety of the location. Choose storage options that are not in dangerous areas to ensure full protection for your stuff.


Security Matters

Another consideration to make when choosing storage is the security of the facility. You want your stuff well-protected. This means secure gating with controlled access, personalized locks on each unit, round-the-clock surveillance, and video monitoring. Another feature to look for is a well-lit facility, as lighting deters thieves. Remember, you want confidence that your things will be waiting for you when you return to campus, so make sure the facility you choose is safe.


Find the Right Storage Units with Our Help

As you search for the right storage solution, we can help. We make it easy to search from the comfort of your dorm room and compare all of the features of the storage places that are convenient to your campus. You can see security options, location, prices, and more, all without leaving home.


As you look at your options, don’t be afraid to call the facility before you book. After comparing costs, pick up the phone and see if the facilities offer student discount options. You might be able to save as much as 15% just by showing your student ID. This also gives the facility the chance to tell you about any coupons or other special discounts they offer. You might find that they offer some specials on unrented units for short-term rentals.


Before booking, make sure the community’s location is a safe one. You may be making several trips back and forth, and you want to know that you can do so safely. You’ll also want peace of mind that your stuff will be protected. Make sure it has enhanced safety features, like locking gates, security cameras, alarms, and plenty of outdoor lighting, as all of this will protect your belongings.


Plan Ahead When Booking Storage

There is often a rush for storage in college towns at the end of the semester. One way to save money and frustration is to start shopping early. Use your spring break as a time to look for storage. You’ll have your unit safely booked well before the late spring rush. This is also a good time to book a moving truck if you think you need one.


When you are ready, use our convenient search program to find and compare storage options. You will easily find one that fits your needs and budget and is in a safe, convenient location. Book it easily online, and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your storage unit is ready and waiting.