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24 Hour Self Storage: everything you need to know


Are you looking for a storage solution that gives you peace of mind and convenient access to your stuff? You will find that with 24-hour access units. These are the ultimate in flexibility, making sure you can get to your stuff when you need it while ensuring that it is well protected when you don’t.


24 Hour Storage Means Unlimited Access

When you store your items at a storage facility, they still belong to you. This means you don’t want someone telling you when you can and cannot access your belongings. Yet many storage facilities have set hours when their tenants are able to access their belongings. Though they are usually extended hours, such as 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, and often include weekend times, this may not be the flexibility you need.


With 24-hour storage, you can always have access when you need something, even on the weekends and in the middle of the night. You are in control of when and if you access your belongings, not the hours set by the storage company. If a need arises outside of these business hours, you don’t have to fret because you have access.


Benefits of 24/7 Storage

There are several benefits to choosing a facility that has 24/7 access. Some of these include:

  • Unlimited Access – With one of these self storage facilities, you can get your items whenever you need them. Whether that's early on a Sunday morning or the middle of the night on a weeknight, you are the one in control.

  • Never Get Locked Out – Your facility will never lock the door on you. This can be frustrating and inconvenient, and will never impact your use of your storage unit.

  • Security Remains in Place – Even though they are accessible, these storage unit options are also secure. You can store your stuff with confidence, knowing it will be there when you need it and be safe when you don’t.

  • Control and Flexibility – Ultimately, with self-storage that is available 24/7, you are the one in control. This is a high level of flexibility.

Are you looking for these benefits? It starts with the right company offering storage with round-the-clock access, and we can help you find it.


You Need Flexibility with Your Storage

The fact is, today’s world is not a perfect world. During business hours, you are likely working or going to school. So when can you get to your stuff? This is why 24-hour access is the key to making self storage work for you.


Individuals, families, and businesses all need the flexibility to access their stuff when they need it. Yet sometimes, putting it in storage limits your access. If you choose a storage company with units that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, then you will get that flexibility. You don’t have to fit your day around the storage company’s hours but can fit your access into your existing schedule and needs.


How Businesses Benefit from 24 Hour Access to Their Storage Unit

Many businesses are opting to store seasonal equipment, older files, and even unused electronics in a self-storage unit. Yet during normal business hours, a business is busy working with its own clients and customers. This is why 24-hour accessibility is so important for storage designed for businesses.


With a 24 hour unit, you can easily head to the storage unit after hours to grab equipment or check your files. Even if you are stuck late at the office with your own work or clients, your business stuff will be ready for you to access when you need it.


Storage isn't just for paperwork and electronics, either. Sometimes, businesses use storage unit facilities to stash their inventory off-site, so they don’t need to have quite as much storage at their facility. So what happens when inventory runs low? You need to be able to run and grab more, so you can keep serving your customers well. In fact, this can help your own customer service, because you can easily retrieve a needed item when you find that you are out of it. Your customers don’t have to wait a few days or weeks for you to get your inventory when you store it somewhere with regular access. Again, having access 24 hours a day is critical to your peace of mind and ease of operations.


How Families Benefit from 24 Hour Options

Families can also benefit from storing their stuff in a facility where they can access it at any time. While personal belongings are less likely to be an emergency situation, today’s families are busy. You may not have time to go to your storage unit during 9-to-5 hours. Whenever you need to stop by and grab something, you can.


Many storage facilities have a gate that is controlled with an electronic key card or a PIN system. You can drive up, enter your security information, and access your stuff, no matter when you need it. You can focus on taking care of your family, with less worry about your stuff in storage, when you use one of these systems.


These Units Work Well for Shift Workers

Many Americans work shift work, which means they work when other people are sleeping and sleep when other people are awake. While there are many perks to working the night shift, sometimes it makes doing business difficult. Thankfully, with a 24 hour facility, you don’t have to worry about finding time for your trip to your storage unit. Whether you do it when you get off of your shift in the early morning hours or in the late evening before you head to work, you can get access at a time that is convenient for you, without sacrificing your much-needed sleep. Shift workers are can fit storage around their needs, rather than the other way around when they have an accessible, always-available unit.


Other Features to Look for in a Storage Unit

If you are ready to stash your stuff in a 24 hour storage facility, there are a few additional features you will want to look for and consider. These include:

  • Enclosed Units – Do you need the security of an enclosed unit to keep your stuff away from others? Most of the time, the answer to this question is yes, so look for storage units near you that offer this.

  • Vehicle Storage – Do you need to store a vehicle? These storage unit options are quite different from storage for stuff, so make sure you ask about vehicle options if you are looking for this type of facility.

  • Drive up Units – If you will store furniture or heavy items, you don’t want to have to haul those indoors or up a flight of stairs. Look for a unit that you can drive up to unload and load your items.

  • Climate Controlled Storage – Not all storage is connected to the facility’s HVAC system. If you have delicate items, like artwork or family heirlooms, look for a storage unit that has climate control.

  • Security SurveillanceAll facilities will advertise that they are secure, but make sure you are happy with the surveillance they have in place. Video surveillance is helpful to ensure any problems are quickly remedied and your stuff stays as safe as possible. In addition to video surveillance, look for a facility that is well-lit, as this will help deter thieves.

  • Controlled Access While you want access available 24-hours a day, make sure that access is controlled. Keyed or keypad entry will ensure the only people who are inside the facility are people who are tenants of that facility.

  • ProximityThink about where you lie and work and what your daily commute looks like. What area would be the most convenient for your storage options? Would you want to be able to swing through on your way home from work, or do you need something close to home for your convenience? These answers will be different for each person, but the answers are worth looking at.

  • Location Look for a unit that is in a safe area of town away from high-crime districts. Remember, you want your stuff to stay secure, and location is part of that security.


If you are looking for a storage option that has all of these features and 24-hour accessibility, we can help. Search for storage unit facilities near you that have the options you need. You can reserve your unit conveniently at home, have the ability to compare options in one place, and find the exact fit for your storage needs.


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