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Customers Review
  • strawberrygal

    April 29, 2020 - From CubeSmart

    Our experience with Cubsmart has been great. Friendly and helpful service, and organized and clean storage units. It's been great thus for while we are moving from house to house. Thank you!!


    September 11, 2019 - From CubeSmart

    I recently had a Family Emergency and had to miss a months payment because Family is first and foremost. I contacted the storage manager and let them know what the situation was. They were perfectly ok with me missing the month because they knew I always pay my bill and if its ever late they also know that Ill pay the whole amount when next I come in. However despite this knowledge that has been born from me being a Loyal Customer for literally YEARS, since Before this storage facility was Cube Smart, the uncaring and impersonal automated system sent me a letter the next month threatening to Auction off my unit!! In case you people forgot, There Are Such Things As Family Emergencies And Having Trust In LOYAL Customers. Units being auctioned off shouldnt be being handled by a ROBOT. They should be handled by someone With A HEART. Who KNOWS The Person and who KNOWS What Horrible or Painful stuff they may be dealing with in their life that has them not paying their bill exactly on time like theyd normally do. Before Cubesmart took over this storage facility HAD that Personal, Caring Touch Because It Was The PEOPLE Who Ran It. Not an Automated Machine. Yall should think about more than just Money when youre in a business that deals wIth peoples LIVES. There should be an Emergency Allowance for things like Death in the Family, Sickness Or Injury. There should be more HEART involved when youre threatening to throw away things that are likely precious and irreplaceable to peoples lives or vitally important to peoples small businesses. A ROBOT Cant make a distinction between a Loyal YEARS Long Customer and some Flake who just popped in for a moment to hide some illegal drugs then got arrested. A PERSON Can. Your Automated System has ruined the Personable Soul of this establishment. Yall really should think about that. Yeah its old fashioned but ya know what a lot of young people use storage units to store away precious old things that their Grandparents passed to them that their current small apartment cant handle atm. It doesnt mean that just cause they miss a months payment to help with a family emergency; then have some weirdness going on with their local bank and atm so they end up having to pay much later than expected, that they dont care about or are not going to pay their bill. It means that an Emergency Came up and there should be some forgiveness for that. Even the IRS has a forgiveness policy for late payments in the face of Emergencies and will work with people to get the bill paid even if it is a little slower than they first intended. And they are supposed to be the MOST unforgiving debt collectors ever from what Ive heard. A PERSON Understands The Concept Of Life Happens And Trusting Loyal Customers, A ROBOT Doesnt.

  • Larue

    December 01, 2018 - From CubeSmart

    I was very pleased with my experience with this company and have already referred them to several family members and coworkers . The location that I had the pleasure to utilize was awesome . The management staff the young lady in charge was excellent thanks for such great customer service .

  • KenD

    October 10, 2018 - From CubeSmart

    Christina Hansel is a phenomenal manager who always puts customer service as a priority.

  • Mitch51

    October 01, 2018 - From CubeSmart

    The staff at CubeSmart Timonium, MD is friendly, helpful and accommodating. I upgraded to a larger space to consolidate, vacating a smaller space at "Extra Space Storage" in Towson MD. Pleased to get away from them as they keep raising their rates - several times a year - the most recent increase was 22%. CubeSmart does not do this.

  • MattP

    September 07, 2018 - From CubeSmart

    The staff at the Timonium. Maryland Cube Smart never cease to amaze me with the level of customer service they provide. The staff here go above and beyond to exceed our expectations.

  • jr1111111

    July 23, 2018 - From CubeSmart

    Very professional, nice, clean, helpful...will use again if needed. Only issue was no light in the storage area, had to use cell phone light....this minor.

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